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    Season starts in Taiji Sept. 1, 2016
    Suffering continues in captive facilities September 2016
  • Please Join Us

    We are women from around the world fighting to end captivity, the drive hunts and the cruelty to cetaceans globally Click here to see where an event is located near you and get involved. Isn't it time to be part of the solution?

  • Suffering Continues

    The drive season has started in Taiji and people at captive facilities are calculating their needs for the next drive season. Now is not the time to get complacent, now is the time to be as active as you can. Start a march, hand out pamphlets, educate friends, family and strangers. The world can not change unless they have all the necessary information to make better decisions.

  • DON'T Support Captive Facilities

    When you purchase a ticket to a captive facility such as SeaWorld you are keeping the drive hunts alive. You are contributing to an extremely abusive system that can only continue with the support of the consumer.

    While we try to evolve as a species, the human race will have to evolve their ways of life.


Click Here to Watch The Cove NOW.

A Worldwide Movement to END Captivity and the Drive Hunts for the Captive Industry in Taiji, Japan. We're doing this through education. Join us!

2016/2017 Drive Season.

SIGN & SHARE our Urgent Petition for Orca & Belugas!




World Love for Dolphins Day This photo was taken in Miami where people gathered to express their love for our precious cetaceans and to protest captivity and the drive hunts.
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World Love of Dolphin Day This photo was taken in South Africa, where like minded individuals gathered to support Sea Shepherd for trying to protect the oceans and bring more awareness to the drive hunts they report on every year in the cove.
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World Love of Dolphin Day This photo was taken in London where supporters of ending the dolphin drives gathered to educate people about captivity and the deaths that happen around the globe entirely for money and greed.
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January 2015 A great turnout for the Berlin March in January 2015. As you can see the awareness is spreading. Do your part to help end captivity and the dolphin drive hunts.
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