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    Season starts in Taiji Sept. 1, 2015
    Suffering continues in captive facilities August 2015
  • Please Join Us

    We are women from around the world fighting to end captivity, the drive hunts and the cruelty to cetaceans globally Click here to see where an event is located near you and get involved. Isn't it time to be part of the solution?

  • Suffering Continues

    The drive season has started in Taiji and people at captive facilities are calculating their needs for the next drive season. Now is not the time to get complacent, now is the time to be as active as you can. Start a march, hand out pamphlets, educate friends, family and strangers. The world can not change unless they have all the necessary information to make better decisions.

  • DON'T Support Captive Facilities

    When you purchase a ticket to a captive facility such as Sea World you are keeping the drive hunts alive. You are contributing to an extremely abusive system that can only continue with the support of the consumer.

    While we try to evolve as a species, the human race will have to evolve their ways of life.

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Our Mission Statement
Women of the world, fighting peacefully with unwavering resolve, for a day when all cetaceans swim free and protected in the oceans. When all captivity and hunting ends is the day we have won the battle.

Our Group
We are women from South Africa to Australia. From Japan to Dubai. From Florida to Canada. From Hawaii to the Netherlands.

For years captive facilities have capitalized on using dolphins, whales and other live animal acts to entertain the masses, while so many people remain unaware of where these mammals and other animals come from. Our goal at WOW vs. Taiji is purely based on an educational level which involves teaching young and old not to support captive facilities and the reasons why.

It is solely in the consumers hands who pay for a ticket to watch these poor imprisoned creatures perform so they will be fed. Do you think a whale or dolphin would do tricks without being conditioned with food and starvation? The answer is no. These are highly intelligent beings and in the wild they hunt for their own food, they are not portioned out how many fish they deserve for a trick they performed.

Think for a moment about watching your whole family be slaughtered in front of you and then being forced into a crate you can't move in, being shipped off to live your life in a captive facility. We are fighting to end captivity in turn ending the mass murder of dolphins that happens every year for 6 months at a time in Taiji and continues around other parts of Japan and other places like the Faroe Islands.

Ladies can join us on our Facebook Group, but all are welcome to use our website to gather information and to have another source to go to help spread awareness. Please check out our Kids Page, where kids can share videos with friends and class mates and may encourage them to do a presentation about captivity. Please come back to the site often for updates. Thanks for your interest! We deeply appreciate it.